There are several different varieties of systems for using rainwater, but there is no need to become overwhelmed by the options. The first decision you will need to make in starting the process of buying a rainwater catchment system involves the size and type of tank required to fulfill the needs of the site. After you know this, the filters and pumps can be properly sized and various other accessories can be specified. Answering the following questions will help you come to conclusions.

  • What will the water be used for?
  • Will the system collect only roof water or will surface water be included?
  • Will water be collected from a parking lot?
  • What type of filtration is required?
  • Will pressure tanks and water treatment be required?
  • How many gallons per minute will be required from the pump?
  • Knowing how you feel about each of these elements will help guarantee a perfect fit for your rain harvesting products. You will no doubt be able to benefit from a well-planned rain collection system.

Harvesting Rainwater for Commercial Projects

More and more commercial buildings being constructed are concentrating on environmental concerns before breaking ground. One of the best ways to ensure that a project meets US Green Building Council LEED "green" standards is to focus on harvesting rainwater. With the use of the appropriate rainwater harvesting system, this process is simple. Collected rainwater can be used for irrigation, washing vehicles and in toilets and urinals to reduce water consumption. A rainwater catchment system is a great investment for helping the environment and for saving money on water bills.

Rainwater Harvesting

Texas’ water supply planning process has identified that surface and groundwater supplies will not be able to meet future water demand. Water conservation and development of alternative water supplies are necessary to meet our growing demand for fresh water.



Rainwater is a superior water source for irrigation. The pH is slightly acid to almost neutral, so plants love it.