About Us

Rainwater Systems, Inc. is owned by Barry Wall. He takes a personal interest in every aspect by designing each system, regardless of size. From Mom-and-Pop backyard systems that water tender plants all the way up to multi-million gallon systems for potable and non-potable water for residential or commercial accounts. Additionally, Barry has worked and consulted on several water projects throughout the United States, Mexico, and Haiti.


Helping you conserve is what we do

Rainwater collection is our passion, and we donate time to educational efforts regarding water conservation. With our background in Biology and a lifetime of experience, we bring you hands-on services that meet your every need. We are dedicated to designing and creating a rainwater catchment system to fit your needs.

In addition to residential and commercial water systems, we also offer designs and install remote rainwater systems to augment livestock and wildlife; as well as cabins with inaccessible surface water.

Potable drinking water and remote watering systems save money while going green with a custom rainwater catchment system from Rainwater Systems, Inc. Backed by a lifetime of experience, we will design, build, and install complete rainwater collection systems for both potable and non-potable water.

Whether building a potable drinking water system for your weekend cabin or installing a multi-million gallon system for industrial uses, we customize each job to your needs.


We design, build, and install:

• Backyard systems

• Landscape watering systems

• Potable & Non-potable systems

• Full-Potable drinking water systems

• Remote watering for livestock & wildlife

• Commercial rainwater collection systems


 We are proud to bring you the best products at the lowest prices, and we are always researching new ways to improve our services. Our research is done on a daily basis, which allows us to be a turnkey operation from the first sketch to the final step of installation. Contact our experts in Kerrville, Texas, to get your own rainwater catchment system.