We built a new house on our property which we finished in early 2009. Water can be a problem where we live since there are no aquifers or creeks, only shallow wells to tap ground water trapped in cracks in the granite subsurface. Since well water tends to be heavy in minerals, we wanted a rain water collection system and came in contact with Texas Rainwater Systems through a friend.  

The collection system for our house turned out to be more complex than we expected. There is about 7,600 sq. ft. of roof area, but the majority of the water runs to the back of the house and consequently required several long runs of large diameter PVC pipe. The Rainwater Systems, Inc. crew was one of the more efficient and professional crews we had involved in any aspect of the construction on our house. The piping, both underground and inside the pump house was well laid out and professionally done. The whole system was installed and ready for use in less than two days, which I considered amazing.

All was well until about a week after the job was finished. One of the subcontractor crews accidentally cut into the main 6 inch PVC collection line. The crew attempted to patch the line, but a day later when a shower came through, the patch didn't hold and water accumulated over the cut in the line. After several further attempts to repair the cut in the line, it became obvious the entire line needed to be dug up and replaced. I contacted Rainwater Systems, Inc. and asked if they could help replacing the line once I had it dug up. They not only agreed, but had a crew on site the next day. There were two lateral line connections that had to be re-done, but the crew had the whole thing repaired and ready to cover back up in less than two hours.

I was extremely impressed with the way they handled the whole job. For the repair work, they charged only the hourly rate for the crew, which, was quite small considering how quickly they finished the work. The fact that they acted so quickly--in spite of the fact that it is over one hour driving time each way from their place to mine--made a very positive impression on me. I would highly recommend Rainwater Systems, Inc. to anyone, without reservation.